What You Should Know About a 3 Year Warranty and WiFi Enabled Digital Sanitising Station

digital sanitising station

Wall mountable digital sanitising station with digital screen is a sanitising toolbox, designed to keep your work areas clean and clear of germs. Display multiple safety messages with disposable gel dispenser. Easy to use with built-in contact holder and integrated dip tray. Ideal for sanitizing shower and wash basin areas.

Features include:

The digital sanitising station with android digital screen is constructed from robust stainless steel. The display is crisp and clear and the built in digital sanitising system allows you to sanitise a wide area quickly and easily, without the need for additional staff. This smart product is an affordable solution to sanitise busy work places and reduce the need for staff to manually clean a large amount of space. The product comes with two single containers, a black tank and a white transparent tank, and will conveniently fit onto any counter top or table top. It can be powered via an internal 12V power source, battery or solar powered.

The android digital screen sanitiser dispenser, as the name suggests, is an automated hand sanitiser dispenser that comes with a digital sanitising station and a sanitising pad. The sanitiser pad is removable and washable, and is designed to be placed at the base of any sink or basin. The dispenser consists of a robust steel base and four thin metal legs, to which the pads are inserted. One tap will dispense a generous amount of sanitising solution, and up to four can be used simultaneously. The sturdy steel body and four thin metal legs ensure that the unit cannot be tipped over.

An added benefit of the Android smart digital sanitising station is that it is an affordable solution for commercial cleaning requirements. Sanitising solutions provided by this dispenser are both quick and efficient, as well as gentle on surfaces. It is an ideal choice for areas of high foot traffic, as the device is very easy to operate, and can be left unattended for a period of time, in order to allow users to do other tasks, or finish cleaning. In addition to the sanitising pad, there is a rubber cleaning boot attached to the base, which helps to reduce dirt when the pad is removed.

The dispenser is connected to the tap using a metal USB connector, and can be powered via one of two methods: via a USB port on the device itself, or via a rechargeable battery in the base. The removable drip tray that attaches to the bottom of the device is also wireless – a great benefit in areas where there is limited access to power cables. This allows the digital sanitiser dispenser to be used in a range of environments where a wired sanitiser pad cannot be used, including in food preparation areas and in large distribution centres.

In terms of the design of the dispenser, there are only a couple of options. Depending on the requirements of the business that requires the unit, one or more of the options discussed below may be chosen. Firstly, one can opt for a fully customised design. Digital sanitisation stations that have been fully customised will allow businesses to personalise their devices according to their requirements. Businesses can request specific areas on the device to be raised or lowered, or they can have customised labels applied to the unit.

Secondly, a static system can be chosen. A static system will allow for a single hand sanitiser dispenser to be mounted and left on a premises. Depending on the demands of the business, these devices can either be left onsite permanently, or they can be moved around, or even moved to another location in the office. Where a unit is to be positioned outside, a 3 year warranty is provided, as well as the option to move the unit from one location to another. Businesses should make sure that the unit is fully wifi enabled, as this will ensure that users are able to access it.