5 Kiosk News in August 2022

kiosk news in august 2022

Leading brands like Shake Shack are leveraging kiosks to increase sales in their stores, without the hassle and cost of face-to-face service. Their Chief Financial Officer recently revealed that kiosks are increasing their check yields and attachment rates for special officers. Restaurant Brands International and McDonald’s also mentioned kiosks in recent earnings calls. This trend is set to continue in the future, as more brands make the switch.


ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, recently announced a new initiative to develop an EV roadmap that will identify the standards and codes needed to develop EVs. ANSI will lead the effort by creating the Electric Vehicle Standards Panel, which will serve as the forum for this work. The ANPRM will be open to all organizations, including companies that manufacture electric vehicles. The goal of the roadmap is to improve public safety and fuel efficiency by establishing a common platform to coordinate the development of future standards.

Northfield’s communications kiosk

The city of Northfield installed an electronic kiosk near Sixth and Division Street in early January 2020. It shows the latest news from the city as well as Spanish messages. Northfield planned to hold a dedication ceremony for the kiosk in late March 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the event. The city’s kiosk will continue to show relevant information to visitors and residents. It is a dual purpose kiosk that provides weather forecasts, downtown maps, and pertinent city news. The city will update the information on the kiosk frequently to stay relevant to its users.

Out of town news kiosk in Harvard Square

At the end of October, a news kiosk will close in Harvard Square. The owner, Sheldon Cohen, became unofficial mayor of Harvard Square after selling the business to Hudson News. The current owners bought the business in 2009. It has served many famous patrons, including poet Robert Frost and celebrity chef Julia Child. Another notable patron was Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who purchased the magazine that inspired him to start his own company.

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ANSI’s Virtual Service Kiosk

The U.S. Access Board has announced the next session on EV charging stations, kiosks, and Point-of-Sale and information transaction machines. Among other things, the board will hear comments from users and gather input from a variety of stakeholders. The public is encouraged to participate and submit comments to the ANPRM, but it’s not too late. Comments are recorded during the comment phase, so make sure to submit them before the deadline.

Future trends

Although economic uncertainties still plague U.S. businesses, the future of the self-serve kiosk industry is bright. Many kiosk executives reported being optimistic heading into 2022, and a survey by Kiosk Marketplace found that this optimism is based on rising customer demand. Although the kiosk industry faces a tough road ahead, future trends will likely help companies stay on the cutting edge. Here are a few trends to watch in 2022.