Outdoor Retail Kiosks

What exactly is Outdoor Retail Kiosk? Installed in public places that observe a large foot print like shopping malls and stadiums, outdoor retail kiosks assist consumers make a purchase decision right at their doorstep by accessorizing product information right at their fingertips. Also called outdoor retail kiosks or digital signs, consumers can browse through the available product listings, learn more about the product, place an order, and make a payment using electronic payment. At these locations, a sales representative handles all transactions involving customers.

outdoor retail kiosks

Self-service outdoor retail kiosks are available in both mobile and fixed formats. Portable units can be folded or rolled in various directions while fixed units remain unmovable and in place. Both types of self-service kiosks display promotional logos of local retailers at strategic places. Most self-service kiosks offer brochure-style layouts with simple controls. Customers can conduct one-touch scans of product images or bar codes to facilitate product searches.

Self-service kiosks can be installed at outdoor retail stands for different product categories. Popular categories at outdoor retail stands include groceries, electronics, books, cameras, snack bars, auto parts, health and beauty products, home items, stationery, toys, watches, and videos. Customers can perform search functions to find a specific product. For example, if a customer wants to find a car, the search function can return results such as used cars, brand new vehicles, used cars near his/her location, etc.

A great advantage of using outdoor retail kiosks is that they help customers to save time, effort, and money. Kiosks save customers the trouble of driving or walking to a store’s main entrance. They also help customers save time because some kiosks are equipped with video displays, which show information such as special sales, weather, movie times, special discounts, and more.

Because there are many different models of kiosks available in the market, it is important to choose a reliable and durable kiosk. These kiosks should be designed to withstand outdoor conditions and long-term use. Quality kiosks usually come with warranties. Moreover, outdoor retail stands need to have outdoor lighting to attract customers. Kiosks also need to be strategically located to maximize their sales potential.

There are various sources from where quality outdoor retail kiosks can be purchased. The most preferred sources include kiosk software and hardware companies. Kiosk software distributors offer complete installation packages and marketing materials. On the other hand, hardware distributors focus on selling and installing the hardware, while offering installation and maintenance services. Both these companies provide a good option for retailers who want to install self-service kiosks in their stores.