Digital Kiosk With Hand Sanitizer

The digital kiosk with hand sanitizer is an aesthetically pleasing way to make your customers and workers more safe. Its dual purpose of being a customer service and advertising device can be accomplished with ease, and it includes a 21.5-inch full-HD display, a motion-sensing camera, and a thermal sensor. Not only can the kiosk display still images, it can also be upgraded via the Internet. The Android operating system allows for remote content management, allowing you to customize the content and make the most of your digital marketing efforts.

digital kiosk with hand sanitizer

The Digital Kiosk with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser by Xtreme Media comes with an in-built touchscreen and is BIS-certified. Using this technology, the kiosk can provide consumers with a convenient solution for a daily dose of hand sanitizer. The touchscreen is designed to make it simple to dispense the sanitizer and it also comes with an integrated thermal scanner.

Digital Signage and Hand Sanitizer Kiosks are becoming popular for a number of reasons. They provide a variety of benefits for businesses and consumers. In addition to providing convenient access to hand sanitizer, they can also serve as advertising and educational tools. These kiosks can also be installed in retail settings, and they can alert customers to upcoming sales and new store policies. They are a convenient and low-cost solution for creating healthy habits and reducing illnesses.

Besides being contactless, Digital Signage with Hand Sanitizer Kiosks can be placed in any indoor location. The touch-free Sanitizer Dispenser makes it easy for visitors to use, and it promotes better hygiene and prevents the spread of infections. With its integrated contact-less thermal scanner, this kiosk is user-friendly, too. And it can also be placed on a wall.

The Touch-Free Sanitizer Kiosk is a great way to promote healthy practices in a healthcare setting. Its integrated contact-less thermal scanner can also provide the necessary information for users. The Touch-Free Sanitizer Dispenser features a 1,000-ml liquid hand sanitizer with touch-free capabilities. A touchscreen is not necessary, which is why the Touch-Free Sanitizer can be easily used anywhere.

A Touch-Free Sanitizer Kiosk is a perfect way to promote better hygiene and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The Touch-Free Sanitizer Kiosket with Hand-Sanitizer is a touch-free solution that works with any touchscreen and can be wall-mounted. The device can detect a 3 or 4-inch area and automatically spray the sanitizer without any direct contact.

Hand-Sanitizer digital signage systems come in free-standing and wall-mounted versions. The wall-mounted version is a convenient choice for locations where floor space is limited, but the free-standing kiosks are best for places where public traffic is high. The touchscreen displays are ideal for promoting important company and public health updates. You can also use them to promote a business. It’s a great way to promote your brand and get the word out.